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Sepideh (Persian: سپیده, pronounced [sepiːde] is a female Persian name that means the break of dawn, morning twilight, or first lights in the sky appearing before sunrise.

Yaldā Night (Persian: شب یلدا shab-e yalda) is an Iranian festival celebrated on the "longest and darkest night of the year." (Northern Hemisphere's winter solstice)

The half verse at the bottom of the pattern is the second half of the following verse:

باد آسایش گیتی نزند بر دل ریش

صبح صادق ندمد تا شب یلدا نرود  (سعدی)

The wind of universe’s comfort and calm will not mend one’s broken heart [because]

Break of dawn only comes after the darkest night (Yalda) is gone  

Divan of Poems by Saadi #264 

Yalda has long been a great symbol in Persian literature.

As the story goes, Forces of evil were taking over the world, stealing the light everywhere they went. Days became shorter and shorter and the earth froze. The protectors of light went into war and the great battle happened on the longest and darkest night of the year. Bijan who was the champion of the light asked people to keep their fires lit and stay up to help them win the battle. Which they did. At the break of dawn, Light/Sun was born once again, bringing with it longer days and this promise that spring is sure to come.

Every year, the longest night of the year is celebrated by staying awake, sharing food and reading stories with loved ones.

Yalda symbolizes perseverance and reminds us no matter how long, dark and cold the night is sun will rise again. No matter how strong the army of evil is, if we stay awake and keep our fire alive, forces of good will be victorious.

 Sepideh is dedicated to women everywhere but most of all to Iranian women. They have always been the light that guides the way, Fearless, wild, made of fire and light.

164x260 Stitches

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