The Magical Carpet Menagerie- Borders

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For those who are interested in stitching all nine or a few of the menagerie residents as one piece, here I present to you two band options and two corner options to choose from.

The idea is to repeat the band motifs of your choice to get the desired length. Stitch them on top, bottom and sides and complete your border using corner motifs. Bands and corners are all the same size so you can mix and match as you please.

Hint; If you like extra elaborate borders, press those two bands together to make one band 2x as thick and use four corner blocks together to form a larger corner.

There is no wrong way to stitch these motifs. Mix and match thread colors and motifs and have fun.

Share your creative borders with me using #marroomydesigns on Instagram.

Happy stitching!                

 The Magical Carpet Menagerie Collection was inspired by motifs found in Gabbeh, a hand-knotted rug mainly made by nomadic people of Iran. Gabbeh is often knotted without pattern and inspired by individual’s everyday life experiences as well as their imagination. I've always been fascinated by the weird and wonderful animal motifs in Gabbeh and decided to share some of them with you as cross stitch patterns in this collection.

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The Magical Carpet Menagerie- Borders

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